Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fall is Fun In Kansas

This Halloween was crazy just like all the others. We had the Girards here again this year and it was very exciting. Our house has never been the same since. Emilee was the bride of some dead thing I think, Kanoa the Dinosaur (fitting name if you have heard him scream all day), Riley the Pirate AAARRGGHH! C.J. was of course Scooby Doo and the neighborhood loved him but he did not like the neighborhood loving him. Alix was a princess but not to confuse with any disney type princess just a princess. So she jumped right out of the renassance period (or however you spell it) just to go trick or tricking with us. Last but not least is Maddie. She is our families tradition of the pumpkin. All of our daughters have worn the same outfit thier first Halloween. Maddie was so sleepy this day that she just could not do Halloween. I was a little bummed out that she was not in the picture with everyone else but she needs her beauty sleep.

Fall is The Best Time of Year Here!!!

Don't Mess With Mom

Well this is so not funny. So finally I get paul behind the camera and so of course he couldn't pass up the chance to encourage my children and tell them to do naughty, naughty things. He loves to torture me. Needless to say, I got the camera back pronto and was safe when he figured the fun was over.

These are the greatest pictures. I love the leaves all over and the kids love this every year. I especially love the leaves in my laundry from the clothes they have jumped in and the birds thinking anything that is outside belongs to them for the winter (hmhmhm BBQ), and all the clean up that has to take place for the winter with the grass and the leaves. Luckily the biggest job is the girls now that they are old enough to rake all the leaves (from 4 trees in the front and 7-8 trees in the back). I do truly love this time of year and how beautiful everything is. Yet it depresses me to know that winter is coming and bringing the cold with it. Oh Well.

All Work And No Play Makes Paul A Dull Boy......


This man would not stop working all day long to do anything with us that was fun. No jumping in leaves, no playing at all. When I told him I wanted pictures of him for his mom he said fine. I told him to smile and he said I was just lucky I could get him to take time out to rake some leaves and I can just make do with whatever shots I get. So I did and he is just dull sometimes. Except of course when it means torturing me behind the camera then there is all the time in the world.

Okay so last is that I am now driving a big school bus to Emilee and Alix' school and they are so thrillllled to be riding the bus everyday. Well atleast they have a ride. And my first day was a hit because I only ran over the curve in the circular drive infront of all my friends, my kids' friends and the faculty I have come to know over the years. It was that or plow through all the cars in front and to the side of me. The kids on the bus were shocked when I said "Hold on, this could get bumpy!" and the all said "Whoah!!" at the same time as I went over the drive and back down again. What a performance. Luckily there has been no encore yet. I do feel like I am more in touch with my kids now though. I love my new route and my bus.


Brooke and Tami said...

Riley cracks me up. Ryan does the same thing when I try to take pictures of him. You know the fingers in the mouth. Love the bus over the curb story. That is way too funny! Miss you all!

Fergulicous said...

Hey Natalie, you guys live in Kansas? Just thought I'd say hi. I've entered the blogging world now. Your girls are soo cute! You're probably wondering who this is, it's Jacque "taylor" Ferguson. Stop by and say hi!